Thursday, December 27, 2012


My novel BANISHED is one of 12 that are on sale in the Epic Kindle Giveaway Sale today and tomorrow. We're giving away a Kindle Fire and Amazon money vouchers.(Check on the right side of this page to enter.) I thought I'd talk a little about what made me write a novel about a couple of fallen angels in BANISHED when, except for my Vampire Nation Chronicles, I have written suspense crime thrillers. --- It came from a dream related to me by my grown daughter. We get our ideas from everywhere and this idea really snagged my attention. The vivid dream was about a little girl who was not really human, couldn't be, since she had "powers" and seemed ancient, not young, and she was evil as she could possibly be. I even used the entire dream in what will be the next book, the sequel, to BANISHED. The girl in the dream was a voodoo queen in New Orleans. She was not a fallen angel--that came from my imagination. She wore a little white dress, white frilly socks, and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. She had long black hair and a red ribbon tied in it. She was a threatening little person, horridly beautiful, the beauty of a perfect child who held within her a great propensity for evil and destruction to those who happened into her sphere of attention. She could read minds and manipulate people. The contrast between her looks and presence and the inner demon that resided inside her fascinated me. (Haven't we all met people who were beautiful, but frightening in some way?) How she became a fallen angel, I can't remember exactly, she just did, and not just any angel, but the Queen of all the fallen. What did she want in her centuries' walk on this earth? What all who are evil want--she wanted domination over everything and everyone, she wanted to rule, she wanted to be the Queen of the human world just as she was queen of the underworld fallen and cast-out angels. That is where the book BANISHED came from and now it's spawning a sequel and perhaps will inspire me long enough for a trilogy. If you want to see what I did with my bad little angel, get BANISHED today for just $.99. I think it's worth a lot more and that's a bargain, but grab your copy, enter the Kindle Fire Giveaway, and you decide about the tiny angel who has come down from the darkness to spread her wrath and fury on humankind...

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