Sunday, January 29, 2017

LOSTNESS, a novel

A couple of years ago I wrote a novel titled BANISHED, about a fallen angel who takes the body, mistakenly, of a ten-year-old girl on the historical island of Haiti. We follow her adventures over three hundred years as she leaves the island and lives first in Europe and then in the New World of America.

I was fascinated with all the problems an adult and mature being might face locked in the body of a child. How would she survive? How would she travel? How could she care for herself?

Angelique was the vessel for this fallen angel, brought to life in a dead child with the help of a shaman. From the beginning, she ruled the people who were superstitious and thought her god-like.

So many readers were intrigued with Angelique and her tale that I knew she had to make a reappearance. It took a while. I had a part of the book, but realized it was set too far into the future. I dialed it back to 1939 and had a backdrop of the Depression and the World War. More characters came forward, more fallen angels, more strange and wonderful people who gravitated to Angelique's former angel partner, Nick.

When completed LOSTNESS, the sequel of BANISHED, was short, but not by much. I let it be what it wanted to be. Just shy of 50,000 words it is still a novel, albeit a shorter one than usual for me.

Angelique is in pursuit of Nick, who she feels betrayed and abandoned her. Nick has left the USA for Europe just in time for the world war to begin. He has no idea Angelique even lives, much less that she's searching for him.

I've had the best time dealing with these various fallen angels and how they do or do not grow a conscience. Without one, we are less than human, and really are more monster--like Angelique.

I'm hoping LOSTNESS is received as was BANISHED. Readers reacted to the first book with five-star reviews.

I contemplate a third book with the characters, making a trilogy as I did with my vampires in the Vampire Chronicle books. It may depend on how well my audience reacts to LOSTNESS.

If you want to know more about Angelique there's an introduction to her here on my blog--a free story titled ANGELIQUE. Please help yourself to it to find out what the child-angel is like and how she came to be.

Here's a link to both BANISHED and LOSTNESS on Amazon. I welcome you to my world with open wings...

Free Story-Angelique



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