Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Five Days left to SINISTER Launch

It's December 10th and on December 15th SINISTER-Tales of Dread 2014 can be ordered as an e-book on Amazon. Today and for five more days you can pre-order it for the ridiculous price of $.99. When published it will go back up to the normal price of $3.99.

I'm doing a Thunderclap campaign for the book too and I hope you can support me. No cash involved. Just share it with Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Here's the link:


I've read recently where famous writers and movie stars (William Shatner) are doing Kickstarter campaigns to fund their projects. Shatner wants donations for his book about living successfully after fifty. Well, someone had to write that, I guess. I often wonder if I should try a Kickstarter. For instance, I'd like to create an anthology of horror and also a new noir suspense novel. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try.  You don't know what you can do until you try.

I've made a couple of memes today with quotes from my own writing. Here they are for your amusement.

HE WAS BORN OF AIR AND HATE AND FIRE. Billie Sue Mosiman, from her story opening of "The Monster Waiting Above."

I saw my fictional monster looking a little like this, but bloodier.

This is a quote that I used in my novel, THE GREY MATTER. I know it's macabre, but looking around at the state of the world this is how it often feels to me.  We're bringing it.

A word about "extreme" horror. I think much of it today is taken too far. I never write it--until I wrote my latest short story, "The Monster Living Above."  I didn't mean to do it. I'd really not done it before. But this demon came from Hell on a mission and performed it. It had to be extreme. I hope it didn't go too far and I don't think it did. It's when we go to the extreme with close-ups of rape and molestation that I say it has gone too far. I don't like it, I don't write it, and I am sad anyone else would. That's just my take on extreme horror fiction. It has to have control or it's just horror porn, don't kid yourself.

So I hope you will support the debut of my story collection (without an extreme horror story in sight in it) and support it at Thunderclap. The more people know about the collection the more readers might read and review it. I do appreciate anyone who supports, buys, or reviews my work. It's just dark love poems from me to you.  Get it for the holidays as an e-book or paperback, and soon as an audiobook. SINISTER 2014

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