Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tomorrow begins a big free Kindle e-book giveaway. It will run between June 1-5, 2012. I've never done this before and thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm giving away 5 novels, 2 short stories, and 2 short story collections for readers and I hope you will pick up a few if you're interested in dark fiction. I have 39 separate titles on the Kindle platform as e-books. This giveaway represents about one-fourth of my titles. I know that's a lot and not everyone will want it all, but I thought this way readers could have a pick of this or that, a novel, a story, a collection of stories.

I don't expect I'll burn down Amazon and make it hiccup the way other promotions of free books have done. I only hope to pick up some new readers who might like my works. I've been quite busy creating new works in the past year. I have a new novel, BANISHED, and several new short stories, plus collections where I gathered some of the stories together. I haven't counted up how many words I wrote this past year, but it's been quite a lot. Does that mean it isn't quality work, that I rushed my fiction to market just because it was easy to do with e-books? No, I wouldn't do that. I take pride in my work and take as much time as a particular work needs to make it as error-free and well-written as I possibly can. Does that mean everything I've written this year is outstanding? Probably not. But some of it is, I think. That is up to the reader anyway. The author rarely knows how well she is writing until others read and respond with reviews or messages.

I'm just grateful I have been able to stay so busy writing because that's what we do--we write. Sometimes we give away our writing, but that doesn't mean we think less of it. I won't be doing such a large giveaway of free books in the near future. This is a blowout. This is a birthday celebration. My birthday is June 5 and I wanted to do something spectacular involving my books. I wanted to be generous and share and give out presents to strangers. This is one way to do it.

I hope you will sample my novels, stories, and collections. I hope you will enjoy them and if you have the time, leave short reviews. Authors can never get enough reviews and I certainly could use them.

These free books range in genre from suspense thrillers to horror stories. There might even be a little fantasy in there. It is a lot to choose from and a crazy thing to do, but some birthdays make you crazy, you know?  Please partake and enjoy yourself. It is my present to YOU, dear readers.

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  1. you are AWESOME thank you so much! some I have already bought so happy to support you too!!
    hope you have a lovely Bday!! xxx

  2. Thank you both! I hope people enjoy the books and stories. :)